Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beating the Flinch

I think it's either a testament to human ability to relate disparate things or just a sign that I'm going crazy, but I find that oftentimes, it's fighting advice that gets right to the center of a problem and helps me with solutions to much more complicated situations.  This might make a good structure for a tv show!

Tonight my mma teacher, Raymond, gave me this assignment for improving: in the shower, stare into the oncoming water -- it'll reduce your "flinch reflex".  Right now I start off sparring sessions pretty well.  But after taking a few hits, I start to unravel. I start to look away and my form goes to shit.  In other words, I flinch when I get hit enough, and then I get owned.

As often happens this got me thinking -- is that the only time I flinch? What other ways am I getting beat up because I'm "flinching"? In a broader sense, I think flinching is the act of withdrawing when things suddenly get tougher.  You might hesitate and look away, but things aren't less tough.  I think I'm flinching when I'm working on a problem at work, hit a minor setback or lose focus, then suddenly find myself surfing the web.  Heck I've done that at least once while writing this post.  I flinch if I'm nervous about talking to someone, and find something to distract myself so I don't have to potentially walk into a bunch of blows.  There are doubtless other ways. 

My new goal? Focus and don't flinch.  Meet the goal head on and fight back or you're going to get destroyed.